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Top 6 Antioxidant Pancakes

Antioxidants are substances that help prevent cell damage caused by oxidation.Oxidative damage is caused by certain oxygen molecules allowed to travel freely in our bodies and form free radicals. These free radicals are dangerous to the body tissues and have

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Crazy Cake

If you’re crazy for confections you’re probably crazy for cake too, right? There’s nothing quite like that sweet, moist cake when it hits your lips. The right frosting? Scrumptious! But what would you do if you didn’t have the ingredients

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Birthday Cake Shake!

TREAT YO’SELF WITH THIS CELEBRATORY SHAKE AT HOPDODDY The Two-Week Feature: Birthday Cake Shake Special   WHO:                    Hopdoddy Burger Bar   WHAT:                  It doesn’t have to be your special day to celebrate this shake special, but if it is, even

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Pet Friendly Desserts

The truth about animal nutrition is not cut and dry! Holistic practitioners suggest that many animals do well and thrive on cooked foods very similar to human diets. Also animals do well on raw foods, veggie diets, and finally commercially

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Snack on Fruttata Crisps!

Behold: Fruttata, the leading maker of delicious and healthy freeze-dried fruit crisp snacks. If you’re not familiar, the crisps are created via freeze drying, the process of removing moisture from food through a dryer at -40°F. Made from the freshest

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