Top 6 Antioxidant Pancakes

Antioxidants are substances that help prevent cell damage caused by oxidation.Oxidative damage is caused by certain oxygen molecules allowed to travel freely in our bodies and form free radicals. These free radicals are dangerous to the body tissues and have been connected with cancer, dementia and heart disease, as well as premature aging.

Healthy Pancakes


If you think pancakes are too unhealthy to be in this article, I will assure you that you are far from the truth. As a true pancake enthusiast I have seen and eaten all kinds of pancakes and believe me, pancakes can be made of healthy and nutritional ingredients and low in calories. There is a great collection of pancakes on MyGreatRecipes to choose from. Read my selection below and see.

Antioxidant Pancakes


Most fruits, vegetables and herbs contain antioxidants like vitamin C, flavonoids, lycopene beta-carotene which eliminate free radicals, which makes them perfect to use in pancakes and add a healthier twist.The pancakes listed here use the best antioxidants scored by ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity).

1.Goji Berry Pancakes

Score 25.000


These protein pancakes are made with four ingredients only (mixed in a blender-ready in no time): goji berries, flax seed, egg whites and gluten-free flour. No protein powder needed. They are juicy, a bit tnngy and absolutely fluffy.  Serve with almond butter and banana slices.

2.Dark Chocolate Pancakes

Score 21 000


Who doesn’t like chocolate pancakes? Take your favorite chocolate pancake recipe and replace the cocoa powder with unsweetened cocoa powder or use dark chocolate chips or even low-fat chocolate milk. These pancakes are your perfect cooking playground. Decorate with strawberries and enjoy.

3.Blueberry Pancakes

Score 14 000


I chose the Dip Dish Blueberry Pancakes with almonds because of the fact that the whole batter is cooked at once to produce one giant pancake. The recipe uses very little sugar but you can replace it with honey or stevia. The secret to their fluffiness is in the Greek yoghurt, whereas almonds contribute some crunchiness and a whole lotta awesomeness.

4.Pecan Pancakes

Score 17 000


I love how pecans pair with pumpkin and cinnamon. This whole wheat-based Pumpkin Brown Butter Pecan Pancake recipe has them all plus vanilla and nutmeg flavors.

5.Elderberry Pancakes

Score 14 000


Pick a healthier basic pancake version (e.g. made of oatmeal, coconut milk, eggs and stevia) and upgrade it adding a cup of elderberries. Don’t forget to get all the stems out because they and the leaves contain mild toxinsthat cause nausea. Other berries high in antioxidants are cranberries (scored 9,500) and blackberries (scored 5.300), so feel free to replace the elderberries with these safer ones. Or use them all together to create your very own bumbleberry pancakes.

6.Artichoke Pancakes

Score 9 400


Try the Artichoke Pancakes with Goat Cheese. Cook the artichokes, place them in a blender with water and egg, season with salt and pepper and blend until creamy. Stir whipped egg whites into the artichoke mix and cook. Place the pancakes in the oven with some goat cheese-sour cream mixture on top and cook until the cheese melts. Tempting, right?



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