What is Baking Chocolate and How do you Use It?

Baking chocolate is specially designed to prepare baked goods. This chocolate can be made of cocoa solids or chocolate liquor. It is available in four main types including sweet, semi sweet, bitter-sweet, and unsweetened. The unsweetened variety does not have any sugar and includes 99% of cocoa or chocolate liquor. The other three varieties contain vanilla, lecithin, and sugar. Most of the baking chocolates have a minimum of 50% cocoa and 50% sugar. It can be used in different ways depending on the baked goods you want to make. Baking chocolate is a main ingredient in cake and brownie recipes.

Unsweetened Baking Chocolate

This type tends to be bitter and very dark in color. Unsweetened chocolate also has a crumbly texture. It works best when it is melted into ingredients such as cream or butter. This variety has a chalky consistency and will not be ideal if you are looking for a smooth and rich chocolate. Use this baking chocolate for recipes that already include sugar such as brownies. It is also a great choice if you want to decorate a sweet dish like truffles.

Semi Sweet

Its cacao content is about 60% and you can use it as an alternative to bittersweet chocolate. Semi sweet chocolate is usually available in baking chips but you can also get it in blocks or bars. It is considered an all-purpose baking chocolate because it works well with different ingredients. You can use it for your chocolate chip cookies.


This kind of baking powder has 70% cacao content. The bittersweet type is a good option for recipes that require chocolate as the main ingredient such as buttercream frosting or a pie.


This is the sweetest of all the varieties. It has 46% cacao and it works well for recipes that require a lot of sugar.

Baking Chocolate Shapes

The different types of baking chocolate come in a variety of shapes including wafers, chips, blocks, and bars. Your choice will depend on the recipe you want to use and the food being prepared.

Bars are ideal for baking cookies and cakes. They are versatile and you can easily chop and melt them before you add them in your dough. These are your best bet if you bake a lot.

Blocks work well when you are baking large quantities. They can be shaved off using serrated knives before being melted or placed in food processors.

Wafers are good for any recipe that needs melted chocolate. These chocolates do not have stabilizers and they are available in semisweet and bittersweet varieties.

Chips are ideal for making breads and cookies. They have a waxy texture because of stabilizers. Get the best quality and look for brands that have minimal ingredients.

Baking chocolate offers an easy and delicious way to make your favorite . But you need to select the right variety. They usually differ in terms of texture and richness. Use the best variety to get great tasting baked goods every time.


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