Crazy Cake

If you’re crazy for confections you’re probably crazy for cake too, right? There’s nothing quite like that sweet, moist cake when it hits your lips. The right frosting? Scrumptious! But what would you do if you didn’t have the ingredients to make a good cake? Would you just throw in the towel and be resigned to never eating cake again? No need!

Our grandparents figured this one out during the Great Depression. It was a time in which you couldn’t just walk down to the corner store and pick up however many eggs and cups of milk you needed. Because of rationing and so little money, if you didn’t have your own chickens and cows, you probably didn’t have what you needed. BUT, what if you could figure out a different set of ingredients that gives you the same moist, fluffy cake without the eggs and milk?

That’s exactly what happened. This Crazy Cake, from Nestle, is an adaptation of the types of cakes our grandparents enjoyed waaaay back when. Times were tough, but we guarantee that if you try one of these cakes, you’ll think it might not have been so bad after all.

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