Birthday Cake Flavored Gum?

Sure, that totally seems normal. But what if you could customize your flavor, and be doing good at the same time. Project 7 is about so much more than birthday cake gum, but it seemed like a good hook.


Project 7 was founded in 2008 by Tyler Merrick, when he decided he wanted to be a catalyst for positive change. Finding himself in a continually inward consumer-centric culture, Merrick created a product for everyday people to solve everyday problems. Made in America, Project 7 is a premium sugar-free gourmet gum, mint, and gummies brand housed in an innovative, re-sealable package. From red velvet cake to kettle pop, Project 7 knows no bounds for creating true to form flavors, guilt-free. The brand is not only committed to delivering high-quality confectionary products with amazing flavors, but also to giving back to seven areas of need worldwide including hunger, shelter, proving malaria treatments, fundraising education in developing nations, planting trees, providing clean drinking water, and supporting anti-bullying programs. For further information please visit You can also like Project 7 on Facebook and follow @Project7 on Twitter and Instagram.

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