Cool Off with Blackberry Green Tea Popsicles!


Most of the country is dreaming of  hot summer weather, which means that a cool popsicle is the perfect treat on a wishful day! The tea experts at Choice Organic Teas will cool you down with these deliciously simple three ingredient popsicles! Blackberries grow wild and abundantly in the Seattle area (where they are based) making these tasty berries easy and fun (and cheap!) to find during the summer and the perfect fruit for this icy treat.


Here’s what you’ll need:

– Popsicle molds or small cups
– Popsicle sticks
– Blender


– 3 Bags of Choice Organic Teas Premium Japanese Green tea
– 2 cups of water
– 2 cups blackberries (fresh or frozen)
– ¾ cup honey

Makes around 10 large popsicles depending on your molds.


What to do:

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1. Steep three tea bags of Choice Organic Teas Premium Japanese Green tea in 2 cups of 180 degree water for 4 minutes. Remove tea bags.

2. Cool the tea and use a blender to blend
tea, blackberries, and honey until liquefied.

3. Pour into your popsicle molds or cups, place popsicle sticks in the molds.Optional: Use a strainer to separate the blackberry seeds from the liquid before pouring into the molds.

Tip: If you’re using cups as popsicle molds, you may want to wait for them to become more solid before adding the popsicle sticks
to ensure the sticks freeze upright.

4. Place popsicles in the freezer to freeze
until they are solid and easily removed from the molds, and enjoy!

Tip: To ease the popsicles out of a plastic mold, briefly run tepid water over the molds
and they should come right out!

Recipe inspired by:


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