Party Python from Candy Warehouse

Our site is Crazy for Confections, so I thought I’d share this EXTRA crazy confection from Candy Warehouse with you.


Looks like a regular gummy snack, right? Maybe a little more detailed than a regular gummy worm, but that’s what makes it cool? Right?


Wrong. You see how big that sucker is? 26 lbs. That’s enough sugar for your ENTIRE party! Plus, that picture makes it look like it actually feels like a real snake. So if you’re inviting Indiana Jones to your party, skip this. If not though, you’re going to want one.

You might want to cut it into segments before people start munching on it though. It could get really sticky and gross with people just chonking down on it. You can even make it look like some sort of ritualistic animal slaughter.

For all of your ritualistic animal slaughter/candy party needs, check out the Party Python at Candy Warehouse!

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