Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs

Now, I know it’s not really THAT close to Easter, but you HAVE to check out this treat from Hotel Chocolat  in the UK. It’s the Classic Ostrich Egg, and it puts pretty much every other Easter chocolate to shame.

We’ve all heard of the Kinder eggs right? The chocolate egg shaped shells with treats inside, which were banned in the US because of choking hazards? Well this is like that on steroids. 300449-ostrich-egg-classic

It’s a large, chocolate egg shaped shell WITH MORE CHOCOLATES INSIDE!!!!! Seriously – this behemoth contains 27 various gourmet mini-truffles and chocolate treats. On top of that, this is some of the best chocolate you’ll ever taste. It’s a toss-up – Do you eat the delicious crunchy shell first, or the decadent chocolates inside?


Let us know how you’d eat your Classic Ostrich Egg from Hotel Chocolat!

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