5 Holiday Kitchen Tips from Celebrity Chef George Duran

5 Holiday Kitchen Tips from George Duran


A Time to Give Back: Making muffins and breads is a yearly tradition in my home. But each year we triple the batch, wrap them up with bows and donate it to our local homeless shelter.

2-in-1 Cookies: There is nothing sweeter than making cookies for the holidays. This year, purchase a cookie cutter that’s shaped as a Christmas tree ornament and have your family decorate the cookies the night before Christmas and hang them on the tree. On Christmas morning you’ll all get to enjoy your edible ornaments right after opening your gifts!

The Ultimate (and Easy) Gift Idea: Giving is the best part about the holidays. But sometimes you just can’t bake 20 batches of brownies. So instead I buy large glass jars and fill them up with all of the dry ingredient for my brownie recipe. I then tie a bow around the jar with a card with directions on how to make the homemade mix.

Mess Free Cleanup: Measure your dry ingredients on a piece of wax paper or paper towel to allow you to easily pour it inside your wet ingredient without the mess.

Perfecting The Bird: Cook your Thanksgiving turkey breast-side-down on a baking pan lined with your COOKINA Cuisine sheet so that breast crisps up and cooks at the same time as the rest of the turkey. The COOKINA Cuisine is an innovative product that creates a nonstick, easy-to-clean and healthy cooking & baking experience. Ideal for using as an alternative to aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper, users can place the cooking sheet on a baking tray or pan to bake recipes without having to use oil of needing to clean the tray and oven afterwards. Available at cookina.co for $12.99.



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