New Klondike Candy Bars!

Klondike® is out with a new product…and it’s the best ice cream bar ever conceived, of course! The newest addition to the frozen treat family is Klondike® Kandy Bars™  that features the perfect combination of Klondike’s signature thick, chocolatey shell and creamy ice cream with mouth-watering candy bar deliciousness.


New Klondike® Kandy Bars will be available in three delicious varieties:

  • Klondike® Kandy Bars™: Caramel & Peanuts features vanilla light ice cream topped with rich caramel, in a milk chocolate flavored coating with crunchy peanuts.
  • Klondike® Kandy Bars™: Fudge Krunch features chocolate light ice cream drenched with chocolate fudge, in a milk chocolate flavored coating with rice crispy pieces.
  • Klondike® Kandy Bars™: Cookies & Cream features vanilla light ice cream with chocolate cookie crunch pieces topped with thick chocolate fudge. It is covered in a white chocolate flavored coating with chocolate cookie crunch.


Klondike® Kandy Bars are available in four-packs at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide beginning this April for a suggested retail price of $3.59.

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