Sweet New Little Debby Desserts!



While I’m a firm believer that you should rarely write-off dessert, Pastry Chef Cindy Schuman of Sepia (123 N. Jefferson St.) is now giving guests a real reason to end their evening on a sweet note! Drawing inspiration from the Little Debbie desserts that we all know and love, Schuman has created one-of-a-kind nostalgic indulgences that will assuredly make guests of all ages feel like a kid again. We wanted to share a few of these classic sweet treats, which Schuman has taken to an entirely new level.


  • Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies : Oatmeal Coconut Cake, pumpkin, maple ice cream, coconut granola
  • Little Debbie Nutty Bars: Peanut Butter Cream, phyllo crisps, chocolate, port syrup
  • Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes: Chocolate Cake, marshmallow, chocolate sauce, crème anglaise
  • Little Debbie Mini Donuts: Baked Beingets, lemon curd, lingon berries


Schuman’s Little Debbie delights are everything you loved about childhood–gone gourmet, and all grown-up!

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